Health and Wellness Center

Healing the Spirit Through Wellness

We are seeking support for the new Health and Wellness Center!

Supporting Native student success is at the heart of the work of Northwest Indian College. Promotion of healthy living and leadership are key strategic goals of the College and central to student retention, success, and relearning life skills. For the first time, with the creation of the new Health and Wellness Center, NWIC will be able to provide students of all ages with access to sports, community celebrations, health education, and a sense of home. The new Center heals the spirit and lets it soar by engaging our Native women and men in active lifestyles that are supported by a Wellness Resource Classroom.

The Multipurpose Space/Gymnasium

The Multipurpose Space/Gymnasium is the central
gathering space in the Health and Wellness Center. For the first
time, we will have a home for athletics (such as men’s and
women’s basketball), fitness and strengthening programs, cultural
sports (such as archery), and student activities (such as new
student orientation, student fairs and career days, and pep rallies).
As important, the Multipurpose Space/Gymnasium will be our
college’s home to larger, informal cultural ceremonies (such as
pow wows, canoe family nights, cultural dance and drumming).

An indoor track

An indoor track is also part of Stage One’s programming and
will offer year-round access to walking and jogging in our
Northwest climate near the Canadian border.

Support spaces

Support spaces also include a concession area, restrooms,
athlete and faculty lockers, storage facilities and offices.

The Wellness Resource Classroom

The Wellness Resource Classroom, located near the
entrance of the Health and Wellness Center, will be a welcoming
destination that offers information and counseling on prevention of
diabetes, blood pressure monitoring, healthy relationships and
other social and family support services, continuing education, and
traditional health and foods programming.

Connection to the larger campus

The pathways outside of the Center lead directly to other educational programs on campus and encourage student participation by offering coordinated access to related college and continuing education health and wellness courses. The building’s proximity to Student Housing’s dining hall allows for access to food service needs for events involving local and regional tribes and community groups.

Quick facts

Stage One Construction
  • Cost: $5.7M (all inclusive)
  • Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
  • Design Status: Conceptual Design nearing completion.
  • Currently over $1.1 million raised for the Health and Wellness Center

Infrastructure, site planning, and final design is underway.

Michael Schjang
Hopi Arizona, BA, Native Studies and Leadership

“This is a place where we can realize our dreams. We can compete at the collegiate level and represent our people…”

Akesha Martin-James
Lummi, Washington BA, Tribal Governance & Business Administration 2012

“Canoe pulling is not only about getting fit and living healthy. It’s about the feeling I get when I am out on the water knowing this was something my family and ancestors did before me…”

Vina Brown
Bella Bella, British Columbia BA, Native Studies & Leadership

“A health and wellness center can help us be successful. Being a college student can be challenging and we need a place to go to unwind, to take care of ourselves, and to keep our mind, body and spirit centered.”