Linda K. Webb Scholarship

The Linda K. Webb Scholarship is a needs based scholarship awarded to one Lummi high school graduate each year.


Linda K. Webb

Linda Kay Webb was born at home January 20, 1943 in a small farming community in west Texas. She was the fifth child in a family that would become twelve children. Living on a farm, there were many chores to do for even the youngest children. If you have ever heard the expression “a long row to hoe”, I am sure that Linda could relate.
At six, she started first grade. There was not a kindergarten and her teacher also taught second and third grade in the same classroom. Linda enjoyed school and was an above average student. She had a smile that would light up a room, made friends easily and had a compassionate nature for others at a young age.
In 1954, the drought made farming difficult and part of the family moved to California. Linda had the responsibility of not only school but also household chores and the care of her younger siblings which increased as she became older.

In high school, Linda continued to be an above average student and majored in accounting. She graduated in 1962 and married soon after. She and her husband started a crop investing business. Linda was widowed several years later.
In 1978, Linda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She faced this diagnosis as she had other challenges in her life, with never a complaint and always a positive attitude. Those who met her here inspired by her strength of character and her will to live a normal life in spite of her disease.
Linda had a beautiful spirit and a love for life that a wheelchair could not deter. She was fiercely independent and lived in her own apartment until she passed on December 9, 2006.
This Scholarship is awarded in honor of Linda Kay Webb by those who knew and loved her.