tl’aneq’ Benefit Dinner & Auction

The annual tl'aneq' Benefit Dinner & Cultural Arts Auction

Our Goal

Our goal for tl’aneq’ is to raise funds in support of Northwest Indian College Foundation’s scholarship program and student support initiatives. Our vision for education at NWIC is based on deeply held beliefs about identity, relationships, and stewardship. The Lummi value of “lengesot” means we take care of ourselves, watch out for ourselves and love and take care of one another. It is a good way to describe the NWIC Foundation. We aim to provide financial resources to our students in order to help them reach their educational goals.
Hy’shqe, thank you for attending this event and supporting our students. There are more ways to contribute as well. Contact the Northwest Indian College Foundation to learn more about our Capital Campaign, or setting up or contributing to a scholarship or endowment, asset donation, and planned giving. You can make a real difference in a student’s future, the future of their family, and the future of their community. Learn more about the foundation at, by calling (360) 392-4211 or by emailing

Live Auction

Placing a Bid

Event attendees will receive a paddle upon registration clearly labeled with a bid number. You may use this number in the silent auction and the live auction. During the silent auction, write your bid number on the form by the art piece. In the live auction, raise your paddle to bid on a particular item when the auctioneer calls for an initial bid. Listen to hear whether someone raises your bid. Bidding moves in standard increments. The auctioneer will close each bidding and announce the winning bid number.

Art Value

Note about estimated value: In general, artists’ and individuals’ contributions have estimated values. To view the estimated fair market value, please ask to see the item’s certificate before the auction. Your auction bid may be tax-deductible above the listed estimate. Please check with your tax advisor. Hy’shqe (thank you).

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