The Northwest Indian College student body represents over 130 different tribes, as well as non-Native students. They are dedicated students that want to make a difference in their lives and in their communities. Most of our students are first generation college students that come from low-income households. It is a misconception that Native students get their education paid for by their Tribe or the government. While some Tribes are in a position to help their members with college expenses, most Tribes cannot pay for college or only help in limited capacities. The number one factor prohibiting students from completing college is due to financial constraints. The Northwest Indian College Foundation gets student requests for scholarships every week. Our students need scholarships to help them get through college.

You can help! Give the gift that will truly last a lifetime. By starting a scholarship fund or supporting an existing scholarship you are helping students to get their college degree and change their lives forever!

Scholarship Types

Scholarships can be designed to support a specific need, such as a single parent; or a specific degree/profession such as the Native Studies Leadership Bachelor Degree; or a specific award for merit, such as a high GPA.

Scholarships can be set up in one of three ways. You can start an annual renewal scholarship in honor of a loved one or your family or organization. Another possibility is to set up an endowed scholarship that funds students in perpetuity. This type of scholarship begins with a principle amount called a corpus, and then the interest and dividends earned from that corpus are used to fund scholarships each year.

The third possibility is to support an existing scholarship. There are many great scholarships at Northwest Indian College that have been established for many years. The benefit of joining one of the existing scholarships is the narrative, structure, and selection criteria have already been established. You merely need to match your support with an existing scholarship that aligns with the areas you wish to support.


Annually Renewed Scholarships
Endowed Scholarships