The Vision…A sanctuary of Learning

Northwest Indian College was once just a dream, a hope of the Lummi people that their children would one day be able to get a college degree and help their community. A place, where their youth would feel welcomed, where they could learn about their history and treaty rights , where they could learn about the world around them without losing their own identity, a place that merged the two worlds—a sanctuary of learning. Now, thirty years later, that dream has become a reality. Northwest Indian College has become a sanctuary of learning for Native and Non-Native students across the nation. We are living the dreams of our ancestors.

And that dream has grown and Northwest Indian College is now the nation’s only regional tribal college with students attending from over 130 different tribes. As the vision of Northwest Indian College continues to grow, the financial demands have also grown. One of the challenges of Northwest Indian College is that as a federally funded institution, the funding levels are considerably lower compared to other minority serving institutions. In order to provide a sanctuary of learning for generations to come, Northwest Indian College seeks financial freedom and become less reliant on federal funding and more self-sufficient.

A generational Gift

On behalf of the college and our students, we thank you for considering supporting Northwest Indian College. Through education we are making a difference by empowering students to have a better life for themselves and contribute to their respective communities. We are breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing prosperity to Native communities.

This is where you can help. By considering an endowment, you can help Northwest Indian College gain financial independence to better serve Tribal Nations across the nation. Your support will go a long way in supporting the college and will leave a legacy that will impact generations to come.

Join the legacy by supporting Northwest Indian College with an endowed gift!

Why make your gift an endowment?

Your endowed gift helps ensure NWIC will continue to…

  • Promote indigenous self-determination and knowledge while furthering high intellectual quality;
  • Generate and secure long-term support of degree programs that strive to restore and rebuild tribal communities and families;
  • Advance education programs, and cultural arts that help preserve local native history;
  • Support scholarships that you create or contribute to an existing endowed scholarship; and
  • Transfer the knowledge of ancestors and living relatives so that future generations understand how to live well and in culturally necessary ways.

What exactly is an endowment?

An endowed gift provides an opportunity for a single donation to generate perpetual income. The principal remains in-tact and only the investment income generated is distributed. Some donors choose to gift an endowment in memory of an ancestor, family member, or other influential individual while others will name an endowment to honor a family legacy. A named endowment is an everlasting tribute to the individual or family it celebrates.

An endowment can support research, scholarships, or a specific program or degree such as an endowed chair for a degree program. For example, if you have a background or interest in protecting the environment, you could consider contributing to the endowed position for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Native Environmental Science. A principal amount of $4,000,000 with an annual return of 3% would generate $120,000 annually and in perpetuity.

endowed Chairs Needed:

Endowed Chair, Native Environmental Science Bachelor Degree – $3,000,000

Endowed Chair, Native Studies Leadership Bachelor Degree – $3,000,000

Endowed Chair, Tribal Governance and Business Management Bachelor Degree – $3,000,000

Endowed Chair, Human Services Bachelor Degree – $3,000,000

Endowment for a specific site

  • Lummi
  • Swinomish
  • Tulalip
  • Muckleshoot
  • Nisqually
  • Port Gamble S’Klallam
  • Nez Perce

Where does your endowment live?

Endowment accounts are managed by an investment firm for the Northwest Indian College Foundation. Each account is invested as part of a larger pool of investments but is managed individually. Investment strategies are based on the investment policy of the Northwest Indian College Foundation and are based on conservative, proven strategies with companies with proven track records. Annual reports are provided for each endowed account. For more information, please contact our office.

Current Endowments:

You may also choose to support an existing endowment.

  • Northwest Indian College Legacy Fund
  • Billy Frank Jr. Natural Resources Endowment
  • Bob Lorence Science Fund
  • Cultural Arts Endowment Fund
  • Roselie Long Endowed Chair for Teacher Education
  • Nisqually Higher Education Fund
  • Jamestown/S’Klallam Higher Education Fund
  • Swinomish Higher Education Fund